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At KAL Envirotek, our Hot-Tubs, Swim-Spa and other Spa area solutions are carefully selected to achieve maximum Aqua Wellness. Hydrotherapy massage in a Hot-Tub delivers a precise combination of heat, buoyancy and massage for immediate relaxation and benefits to: • Assisting Detoxification • Hydrating Cells & improves skin & muscle tone • Stress & Sleep disorder • Boosting immune system & Metabolic rate • Orthopedic healing • and many more

Incredible Customer satisfaction

Based in the local area, we have taken feedback and suggestions very seriously since day one, because we know it’s of the utmost importance to continue to improve and provide best product & service to our customers. By focusing on application of hydrotherapy through our products, assimilated over the past 22 years, above all else, we have been able to always take our customer's needs to heart. Drop in or contact us through our booking form for a personalized guidance. We never stop listening as every customer opinion is pure gold.


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A variety of Solutions to choose from


A swim spa is a relaxing time with family or workout. We can easily change between the pampering welliness and the sport activity that moves the whole body.

Hot Tubs

Your escape to the calmer, inviting place - far away from the stress of your day yet just a few steps across the garden.

Aqua Gym Equipments

Aquagym strengthens muscles, improves circulation and improve breathing tonus and blood flow.

Sauna & Steam Solutions

A less well-known benefit of saunas and steam rooms is that they can minimize joint pain, as well as minimizing the pain of headaches due to the high heat enviroment.

Complete Swimming Pool works

Can undertake complete swimming pool works right from Designing till hand over as a single point responsiblity

Pool MEP works

Complete Mechanical Electrical Plumbing design and execution for Pools right from Plant room to the Pool.

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